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Texas-Wisconsin Model and Control Consortium

Hosted by
Department of Chemical Engineering
The University of Texas, Austin, Texas 78712

February 9 - 10, 2004

ACES Building – Room 6.304

Monday, February 9th

8:30 a.m Coffee and Donuts
9:00 Introduction/Agenda Overview J. Qin
9:10 PI Overviews J. Qin
T. Edgar
J. Rawlings
10:10 Multi-parametric nonlinear programming E. Hale (UT)
10:40 Break
11:00 A Candidate to Replace PID Control: SISO MPC J. Rawlings (UW)
11:30 Model-based distillation control L. Rueda (UT)
12:00 Lunch (O's dining room)  
1:15 Tutorial on Subspace and Closed-loop Identification S.J. Qin (UT)
2:00 Subspace identification: errors-in-variables J. Wang (UT)
2:30 Break
3:00 Subspace identification using parsimonious models W. Lin (UT)
3:30 Closed-loop covariance estimation M. Rajamani (UW)
4:00 Poster Session K. Chamness, C. Harrison, S. Harrison, G. Cherry, W. Lin,J. Wang, E. Hale, P. He,  J. Freese, J. Hedengren, L. Rueda, D. Castineira, T. Farmer, D. Thiele, K. Onodera (UT)

M. Rajamani (UW)

5:30 Adjourn
6:00 Dinner – Threadgills Restaurant – 301 W. Riverside Drive 472-9304

Poster Session

University of Texas - Austin
K. Chamness Etch Process Monitoring.
C. Harrison New Developments in Closed-loop Performance Monitoring of SISO Processes.
S. Harrison Multiscale Modeling of As-doped Ultrashallow Junction Formation.
G. Cherry Multivariate Analysis for Semiconductor Fault Detection and Classification and Tool Performance Assessment.
W. Lin Subspace identification with parsimonious formulation.
J. Wang SIMPCA: Errors-In-Variables Subspace Identification and Its Application in Stochastic Fault Detection.
E. Hale Multi-parametric Nonlinear Programming.
P. He Fault diagnosis and visualization using FDA.
J. Freese A Comparison of the Effects of Product Mix and Metrology Delay on the Performance of Segregated versus Threaded EWMA Control and an Initial look in to the Performance using and IMC Structure.
J. Hedengren Dependency Analysis for DAE to ODE Conversion.
L. Rueda Model-based Reactive Distillation Control.
D. Castineira Flare Combustion Simulations.
T. Farmer Glucose-Responsive Insulin Release Systems.
D. Thiele Real-time state adaptation for Step response models.
K. Onodera Job background in MCC and Future research area.
University of Wisconsin - Madison
M. Rajamani Optimal Filter Gain Estimation from Data in Presence of Model Errors.

Tuesday, February 10th

8:00 a.m. Meeting with PI's and Sponsors – Continental Breakfast
8:45 Industrial sponsor speaker T. Sonderman (AMD)
9:30 A Multi-Step Supervisory Control Methodology for Semiconductor Device Manufacturing C. Harrison/R. Good (UT)
10:00 Break
10:30 Multivariate Analysis for Semiconductor Fault Detection and Classification and Tool Performance Assessment G. Cherry (UT)
11:00 Fault diagnosis and visualization using FDA P. He (UT)
11:30 Multiscale Modeling of As-doped Ultrashallow Junction Formation. S. Harrison
12:00 Adjourn