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The current research areas of emphasis in the TWCCC are:

The combined process modeling, control and optimization programs have more than 20 full-time graduate students and several postdoctoral researchers in addition to the five faculty members supervising the ongoing research. During the last five years, approximately 25 Ph.D. and 1 M.S. students graduated from the three universities in the area of process modeling, control and optimization. Graduates of the program are highly sought by industry and universities, often accepting jobs more than one year prior to completion of their degrees. Approximately 50 percent of the graduates are U.S. citizens.

Process control facilities available for research are outstanding. We employ a variety of control systems (Emerson Delta V, National Instruments) in experimental studies, and we also have numerous networks of PCs and high-performance Linux clusters. Most students carry out both theoretical and experimental research. Our program focuses on maintaining a balance between fundamentals and practice.